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Introduction: Additional Advanced Concepts

In the preceding section, I covered many of the important factors that are required to produce a winning strategy in Omaha eight-or-better.

But as in most forms of learn poker, there is always more to optimal winning play.

The previous material is – of course – absolutely essential, but to become an expert, you need a complete grasp of the game and all its nuances.

This includes comprehending concepts that do not fall under the heading of strategy, such as fluctuations.

Understanding the natural swings of the game will help you to always play your best – that is, it will cut down on your steaming.

In addition, understanding how your playing style interacts with that of your opponent - which might be different from his normal playing style if he is emotionally out of control – is very important.

You must know how to play in loose games, in tight games, and against very tight opponents, as well as the proper strategy adjustments for heads-up play, three-handed play, and play in multiway pots.

Many of these ideas are difficult to master, and failing to understand them is the downfall of many players.

But with poker experiences and the proper knowledge (which of course, includes reading this book and thinking about the game), you can become proficient in these areas.

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Additional Advanced Concepts

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