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High Hands

High hands do well in situations where no low card or only one comes on the flop.

When two or three low cards come on the flop, high hands tend to do poorly.

High hands also do well in games where the pot is not raised before the flop, since it is more likely than not that two or more low cards to an eight will come out on the flop.

Most of the flops are going to be unplayable unless you hit a really big hand. Two high cards and two low cards make it tough to hit a big high hand, unless it is the nut flush draw or possibly top set.

However, top set often can be trouble, because low straights and flushes are fairly easy to make.

Consequently, you want to play more high hands in games where it does not cost much to see the flop.

Remember, when you are playing the high cards, you need to get in cheap early if the action is multiway.

If the action is not multiway, it doesn’t matter, because high hands play well short handed.

Many players will disagree with this, but in a tight game with only one or two players calling against you, double-suited high hands do very well since three low cards don’t always appear.

When they do appear, they may not make your opponents hands.

For example, suppose the flop comes giving you a set. You are against an opponent who holds

If either an ace or a deuce appears on a later street and no other low card comes, your high hand will scoop the pot. However, when you are against many opponents, someone will make a low.

What you want to avoid in this game is playing when it looks as though other people might be counterfeiting your hand. For instance, a hand like is usually a good hand. But it’s not so good if a couple of other players also are playing high with similar big cards, since your hand is probably somewhat counterfeited by their hands.

When you flop a straight or a big wrap-around draw, they may flop high trips, which will take much value away from your hand.

You want to play the high hands in short-handed pots – preferably heads up – against players who play only the low hands.

High hands don’t do well against online poker players who play extremely tight and are likely to have a hand like two aces with low cards.  In this case, you become a big percentage dog to win the pot.

Moreover, it is easy to get outplayed, and you often will have to throw away your hand since your opponents have hands that can go a lot further.

Having a hand that can go further without much early improvement is an advantage in split games, because this hand has more opportunity for overall improvement.

Also, your opponent can bet for value more often or bluff and knock you out early when you would have had a winning hand at a later stage.

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