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Introduction: Advanced Strategy

In the major cardrooms that offer Omaha eight-or-better, there usually will be a small number of games (perhaps only one) at $ 10-$20 and lower, and there might be a big game with a much higher limit.

Frequently sitting at the big game will be several well-known and highly skilled players.

Most of the other players in the game also will play well.

Omaha eight-or-better at the higher limits is generally a much different game from what I have discussed so far.

Many of the pots will be contested short-handed.

Players won’t automatically go to the end if they have a draw to second or third nuts.

There even will be some opportunities to bluff.

Also, hands that you can “accidentally”  back into often will become important.

Just playing for cinches, even though making one is nice, won’t get the job done.

Omaha eight-or-better at the higher limits becomes a real poker game.

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