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Afterthought : Miscellaneous Topics

Even though seven card stud eight-or-better is not considered to be as complex as some of the other forms of about poker, there is still a lot to this game.

Just consider all the topics that have been covered in this section alone.

In fact, this book never can be totally complete, because there are so many possible situations that you can find yourself in, and everyone plays differently from everyone else.

Keep in mind that stud eight-or-better is a game of tough decisions.

The pots sometimes get very big, and it can be extremely difficult to throw your hand away.

Nevertheless, you must make some of these folds, because either you are beat or the price you have to pay to finish the hand is too high.

It’s also necessary to disguising your hand whenever possible.

This has been stressed at other points in the text but bears mentioning again.

To win those occasional big pots that you normally would not win, you must throw off your opponents.

This is true when playing against the better players, and it is true against true when playing against the better players, and it is true tougher to trick the experts, since they understand many of the plays.

Finally, a lot of the poker strategies that have been discussed are correct only when the situation and conditions are right.

Don’t fall into the trap of making great plays just to make great plays.

You should be trying to win the most easy gaming money, not to impress everyone at the table.

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