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Introduction : Basic Strategy

In the low-limit Omaha eight-or-better games, you must play tight, because a lot of players in these games play poorly and very loosely.

This creates many multiway pots, making it difficult for a good player to manipulate a weaker hand into a poker winner.

One of the interesting things about low-limit Omaha eight-or-better is that a poor player can go for a long period of time before he realizes how badly he plays.

This is because poor players are often in the pot with other poor online poker players, and they end up pushing their chips back and forth.

If one of them runs good for a while, he may think he is an expert. Eventually, however, he will become a loser.

Although playing tight is very important, it is not all that’s necessary to be a consistent winner at this game.

Omaha eight-or-better is not completely cut-and-dried. You still need a good understanding of the game, even if your opponents are weak.

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