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In stud eight-or-better, bluffing takes a slightly different form.

Generally you are not bluffing to win the whole pot, except perhaps with an ante steal or a bluff on fourth street, where your lone opponent has busted out and you merely steal the pot.

When you are bluffing, usually by raising or check-raising, you typically are attempting to knock out another hand that you don’t want to contest your way.

This may be a slightly better hand or a high hands that you think is about equal to your.

That is, you are not bluffing to win the pot you are bluffing to win your half of the pot.

There are exceptions, but they are rare.

When playing heads up, if you miss on the end, think your lone opponent might also have missed on the end, and don’t think he will call with a small pair, then you may bluff trying to win the whole pot.

But this type of play poker does not occur very often.

Sometimes a good bluffing opportunity comes up on the end when it looks as though you were drawing at a high hand, such as a flush, or it is obvious that you had two pair or trips and were lock low.

On the river, the low bets and you raise, the  player with the straight calls, the low reraises, and you raise again.

On rare occasions, you will convince the player who holds the better high hand that he is beat, and he will throw his cards away.

This is on of the few times that a bluff will work. But notice that you are bluffing for only half the pot, and you must commit a lot of chips.

In addition, you have to be very cautious of whom you use this play against.

Most online poker players will call the double bet because the pot has become so big that they feel compelled to call.

But there are some players who will muck their hands.

After you’ve successfully made this play, you must realize that since your hand gets shown, your opponents will see what you have done.

Thus, you won’t be able to make this times bluff poker again at least against these same players for quite a while.

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