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Check-Raising on Fourth and Fifth Streets

Check-raising is one of the key tools that an expert player will use on fourth street and, to a lesser extent, on Fifth Street.

In many other games, check-raining doesn’t come into play as much, because you can’t always count on an opponent betting.

But since hands are often disguised in eight-or-better, the check-raise can be used frequently.

Usually the player who is low and catches another low card will bet, or the high hand will bet if his opponents busts out.

Thus, you will be in situations where it is virtually certain that the attempt to check-raise will be successful.

Of course, you should check-raise only with hands that merit doing so. Giving a free card when trying to check-raise is not so terrible in seven-card   stud eight-or-better, because most opponents will call your bet anyway (although they may not call for two bets).

Consequently, if you give a free card, you generally cost yourself only a piece of the bet as opposed to the pot.

Players don’t often have hands where an off-the wall card can make them a monster.

The check-raise will enable you not only to gain a double bet, but also to frequently knock out players who are going the same way as you are.

Check-raising is very strong when you have a high hand, knock out another high hand, and get to play heads up against a low who doesn’t have high possibilities and may bust out.

Here’s an example. Suppose you have two aces but also have low possibilities developing.

If your check-raise knocks out another high hand, or if you can knock out a low hand and play against a weaker high hand, where you have a chance to make a low if he should outdraw you for high, you have accomplished lot.

As you can see, the check-raise is a valuable tool in seven card stud eight-or-better, and few players use it enough. However, an advanced played will use the check-raise at every advantageous opportunity.

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