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1. When you bluff, what are you usually trying to do ?

Ans : To knock out another hand that you don’t want to contest your way.

2. When might you bluff trying to win the whole pot no limit holdem ?

Ans : When you are playing heads up, if you miss on the end, think your lone opponent might also have missed on the end, and don’t think he will call with a small pair, then you may bluff trying to win the whole pot.

3. Suppose it looks as though you were drawing at a flush, or it is obvious that you had two pair or trips and were jammed in on sixth street by what appears to be a straight and a lock low. On the river, the low bets. What can you do ?

Ans : Bluff with a raise.

4. If the player with the straight calls and the low reraises, what can you do ?

Ans : Raise again, and you might convince the holder of the better high hand that he is beat.

5. When making this play, what should you keep in mind ?

Ans : That you must commit a lot of chips, plus you’ll have to be very cautious of whom you use this play against.

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