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Three of a Kind Wired

1) Suppose you have high trips and it appears as though a lot of players will be in the pot. How should you play ?

Ans : Play fast and stay to the end.

2) Does it matter much whether you are heads up or multiway poker pot ?

Ans : No.

3) What if your high trips are kings or queens ?

Ans : It will look as though you have only a big pair and are raising to limit the field.

4) What if your trips are between eights and jacks ?

Ans : You should play slower so that you can trap one or more high hands.

5) What about when your trips are small ?

Ans : Play it slow and let the high hands in.

6) What happens if your small trips appear to develop into a low hands ?

Ans : You can push it hard and jam the high hands.

Introduction / Starting hands / Three of a Kind Wired

Disguising Your Hand / When an Ace Raises / Fifth Street

Ante Stealing / Getting Reraised on a Semi-Steal

When the Bring-In Raises / General Strategy / How Far Do You Go?

Fourth Street / Check-Raising on Fourth and Fifth Streets

Sixth Street / Seventh Street / Position / Playing the High Hands

Bluffing / Pairing the Door Card

Slow-Playing / Knowing Your Opponents / Raising Aggressively

The Toughest Decision of All / Staying to the End

Keeping Track of the Cards / Scare Cards / An Expert Play

Another Good Play / Reading Hands / Psychology / Afterthought

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