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Miscellaneous Topics

So far, a lot of different subjects have been discussed in this section of High-Low-Split Poker.

Yet in seven card stud eight-or-better, many unique situations and possibilities can occur.

Consequently, it is now time to address some miscellaneous topics, plus to clarify many of the concepts that already have been covered.

Some of these ideas have never been correctly discussed in print. This is also true of much of the information that follows.

In fact, since so little has been written on stud high-low split eight-or-better, a great deal of this material will be new to a lot of readers.

Many of these concepts are not easy to comprehend, but once you master them, you can consider yourself an poker expert play provided, that is, that you acquire the experience that is so necessary in achieving success in this game.

As noted previously, there is no substitute for experience, and improving your judgment through learning is critical.

A small error in judgment can trap you for a lot of bets or perhaps allow someone else to escape who could have been trapped for those bets instead.

Keep in mind that many of the following concepts interact with some of the other concepts and ideas already covered.

One of the keys to successful seven card stud eight-or-better is the ability to correctly assess the situation you are in.

for example, being able to gauge that you are against two high hands and a low hand, as opposed to two low hands and a high hand, may dramatically alter your strategies.

Developing the skills that enable you to make this type of assessment does not come easy.

In time, however, such expertise can be achieved.

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