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Position is very important in seven card stud eight-or-better, and being last to act is most advantageous.

Since a lot of players in the pots are raised, reraised, and jammed, acting last gives you an opportunity to know how expensive it will be to see the next card.

It helps greatly for the high hand to be on your left.

This increases your chances of being in last position, where you are most likely to also have an opportunity to make a skillful play, such as knocking the high hand out with a double bet.

This positional strength thus gives you two advantages. First, you may be able to bluff or squeeze out an opponent.

Second – and more important – you can avoid those spots where you put in a  bet or two and then later discover that there have been too many additional raises for you to call again.

In other poker games, rarely must you put in one or two bets in a round and still have to fold.

But in seven card stud eight-or-better, this happens often when you are in an early position.

With these additional bets behind you, it becomes obvious that either you are drawing dead or you are in very bad shape.

You will have to fold, and you’ll wish you had never made the previous call.

In most other games, if you put in two bets, you usually have enough outs to keep playing.

But in this game, the fact that certain poker players are raising or reraising means that they have a cinch and you cannot win.

In conclusion, if your position is poor especially if there are aggressive players behind you – you should give up on many of your marginal hands.

However, if you are last to act and it is only one bet to you, many of these holdings can be played.

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