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Raising Aggressively

Most of the time in seven card stud eight-or-better, the reasons to play aggressively are both to get more money into the pot and to drive other players out.

If you have a terrific hand like a wheel, then you may be betting or raising just to make the pot bigger.

But in general, this will not be the case.

You won’t be bluffing very often, and you won’t raise as a bluff.

But you occasionally will raise to set up a play, to disguising your hand, or to knock someone out.

Sometimes you can raise to get a free card, but this won’t often be advantageous, as many of your opponents will raise back.

Moreover, the free cards that you get won’t have the potential, as they do in many other games, to make a big disguised hand.

Also, when you raise, you won’t get a lot of information.

When people have a playable poker hand, they usually hang on; if they don’t, they generally fold.

So raising won’t define the strength of an opponent’s hand very well.

The few times that raising does gain you information, it is often the type of information that you could do without.

That is, you usually will find yourself calling a reraise.

Now your raise had better have been on a very strong hand, since you have just put a lot of money in the pot and frequently will be forced to play to the end because of your action.

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