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Introduction : The Later Streets

To be successful in seven card stud eight-or-better, it’s imperative that you play very well on the later streets, as most of your opponents will not make too many errors on third street.

That is, in most cases, they will start with good hands.

You will, of course, occasionally run into a player who gives his money away by playing foolish hands on third street.

But in general, you see few of these poker players especially at the higher limits- and when you do come across one, he won’t last very long.

You also must not be timid in this game.

Stud eight-or-better is a game of jamming.

Sixth street, and to a lesser degree all the other streets, can be very expensive.

Sometimes it is correct for you to do the jamming, and it’s critical that you recognize these situations and take maximum advantage of them.

Also, you must be able to recognize when other players skill will begin jamming. This may mean that your hand, which looks good but not terrific, should hit the muck.

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