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The Toughest Decision of All

Suppose you have what seems to be the best low hand and are forcing the action.

Now on sixth street or seventh street, it appears as though an opponent catches a card that could make you the second-best low hand or could even cause you to be drawing dead.

However, you are not sure that this is the case.

After having put in a lot of bets, you are faced with what is probably the toughest decision in this game that is, whether to fold or not.

Normally, it is best to bet the hand and hope that your opponent is going the opposite direction from you or that the card in question paired him.

If he raises ( no matter what the high hands does )or reraises, and he is a player without much imagination, it’s best to throw your hand away, unless you have a quality draw to beat him.

if he is a player with a lot of imagination or flair, who might be making a move on you, then you may want to continue playing.

You might raise back and see whether you get raised again.

If you do, you almost always should fold, since very few players have the nerve to make a play such as this.

When in this situation, you must read the cards very well and, of course, know your opponent.

If you are not accomplished in these areas, you might discover that the miracle card your opponent caught made him a high hand and that you have thrown away a lock for low.

Accurately assessing this type of situation is one of those areas in which advanced players excel.

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