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Introduction : Third Street

The most important decision in seven card stud both straight high and high-low split eight-or-better is whether or not to play your hand on third street.

But since stud eight-or-better is spread mostly at the higher limits, the majority of your opponents will do a reasonably good job of hand selection.

Moreover, most of the money in large pots goes in on the later betting rounds in stud eight-or-better, whereas in high-only stud, the large pots generally are built early in the hand.

Because of these factors, becoming a consistent winner in stud eight-or better requires that you play well on every street.

Nevertheless, playing well begins with reading hands selection, so the information that follows is extremely important.

Introduction / Starting Hands / Three of a Kind Wired

Disguising Your Hand / Ante Stealing / Getting Reraised on a Semi-Steal

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