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The content of this site is less technical and easy to understand for those who wish to learn poker strategy. In most cases, it is aimed at a somewhat less experienced player for playing poker.

This does not mean that is less important-far from it. Even top professional poker players should find much information of value from this website.

It is only that it is written in a more conversational style. This should make it somewhat easier reading than other website.

Most of the essays in the first two sections were originally written for the “Sports Book” section of the Las Vegas mirror or for poker player newspaper.

There are some changes, corrections, and improvements in these essays, and also written a few new sections especially for this website.

Each essay can be read separately. However, they were put in some kind of reasonable order. They also separated into two main sections: General Concepts and Points of poker rules to play.

Articles about a specific aspect of a poker hand are in the points of poker game selection. Those that deal with poker in general are in the General Concepts section.  Some of the essays could be placed in either section.

But it doesn’t matter. They all should make you a better poker player.  For this edition, there are some articles on poker tournament play also includes.

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