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Great deal of material in (the razz ) this website has been covered already. However, reading it online and learning it can be two different things. Consequently, to help you retain some of the more significant ideas reiterated in a question and answer format.

After you have learned Razz poker is that you try to answer the following questions.  You will probably want to go over the questions many times.  In addition, It suggested that you cover each answer that immediately follows the question. Only look at the solution after you have answered the question to the best of your ability.

Also, to point out that what follows is not a substitute for the text. In fact, some of the ideas in the text are not contained here. 

But, enough material is covered so that after you have thoroughly digested the materials, the questions should help keep your razz game sharp.

Finally, the questions and answers are organized by topics similar to that covered in the website. This way, if you are unsure of the answer, you can easily return to the appropriate page of the website for a fuller explanation.

Ante Stealing on Third Street

1.  In general do you need a good poker hand to start with?
    -->    Yes.

2. When can raise with a weaker hand?
    -->    There is some chance that by raising you might steal the antes.

3. Example?
    -->    The high card has bet, you have a low card showing and no other low card has yet called.

4. What if you get called?
    -->    You will have a second  chance to win if you catch a better card on the next round.

5. What else do you want when considering to steal the antes?
    -->    You want to be in a game where few people reraise on third poker street.

6. What do your chances have to be of stealing the ante to make it worth raising without a good hand?
    -->    About 40 percent.

7. What if there is little reraising?
    -->    A semi-bluff ante steal is more likely to be correct.

8. What if you think that someone else may be trying to steal the antes?
    -->    If you have any kind of playable poker hand, such as a three-card eight, you should reraise.

9. When stealing, should you have a second low card in the hole?
    -->    Usually.

10. Why do you need two small cards?
    -->    It will force you to steal at about the proper frequency plus you now have an extra out.

11. What if you are reraised on third when trying to steal the antes?
    -->    Generally fold.

12. How good hand do you need to call if you are stealing and someone reraises?
    -->    Usually a three-card nine or sometimes a ten.

13. How many low cards can there be behind you where you can still raise with a three-card nine?
    -->    Three and sometimes four (as long as the 9 is in the hole).

14. In most cases, when trying to steal the antes, how many low cards can there be behind you?
    -->    Usually one but sometimes two.

15. What about the $ 30-$ 60 game versus the $ 15-$ 30 game?
    -->    Since this game has a higher ante structure, steal somewhat more if you can get away with it with the same frequency.

16. When do you adjust your stealing frequency?
    -->    This depends on the opponents behind you and how often you expect to get called and/or reraised.

17. What if the game is short-handed poker?
    -->   Steal antes less against the same number of low cards behind you as there is less money to shoot for.

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