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Razz is simply seven-card stud for low. In the past, there has been six-card stud for low which has also been called razz but this game has almost totally died out.

This book will focus exclusively on the seven-card stud variety.

Since the ante structure and betting structure is extremely important in determining the correct strategy in the game of razz, I am going to give you the rules of the two typical games played in Las Vegas that have the normal extremes of structure. 

These two games are the $ 15-$ 30 game and the $ 30 –$ 60 game.

In both games, each player starts off with three cards just as in seven-card stud with one card showing.

As long as he stays in he gets a total of four upcards and then one last down card. The best poker hand is A-2-3-4-5 and there is no joker.

In the $ 15-$ 30 game, each player antes $ 1. The high card must start the betting off by betting $ 5.

In case of a tie, the high suit must start the betting off with spades being the highest followed by hearts, diamonds, and clubs.

A player wishing to raise the high card can raise $ 10 making it a total of $ 15.  Every subsequent raise on third is $ 15 with 4 or 5 raises usually allowed. 

The bet on fourth street is also $ 15. Fifth street on has a bet of $ 30.

Starting on fourth street the low board must bet first.  If you bet you must bet the maximum.

The rules for the $ 30-$ 60 game are the same but the structure is different.

The ante is usually $ 5, the high card brings it in for $ 10, and the first raise makes it $ 30. $ 30 is also bet on fourth street and $ 60 is bet on fifth, sixth, and seventh poker street.

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