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Third Street Play with Bad Hands

1. What is a good hand?
    -->    Usually a three-card eight or better.

2. What is an exception to this?
    -->   Everyone has high cards showing, now a three-card ten may be a good hand.

3. When can you play a bad hand?
    -->   There is just one call, especially in a high ante game like the $ 30-$ 60, all other low cards have folded, you have a low card showing and a small card in the hole. This is especially true if your opponent will throw his hand away if you catch good and he catches bad.

4. When is this play not that good?
    -->   If you think your opponent will call you on fourth poker street even if you catch a good one and he catches bad.

5. What if two or more low cards have already called?
    -->   Don’t make this play.

6. If you are the high card, can you sometimes call a raise?
    -->   Yes.

7. What are the four factors that you should consider when calling with a high card?

    What are your two baby cards? Are they bike cards or just two to a seven?
  • The cards that are out you want your hand to be very live.
  • How many players are already playing. (The less the better.)
  • Are you against someone who could be stealing and not have a hand?

8. Anything else?
    -->   There is a difference between a 10 and a king.

9. When is it correct to call with a high card?
    -->   If all four factors are favorable, especially in a higher ante game.

10. Example?
    -->   You brought it in with a jack, had a 3-4 in the hole, there were two 3s and a 4 gone, and the last man raised with a 7, you should call.

11. What if there is more than one opponent?
    -->   Don’t play.

12. What if you catch bad on fourth street and your opponent now catches good? (This is when you call with a high card showing).
    -->   You should obviously fold.

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