Poker Hands

Ranking of Hands in Poker Games

It is very important to study ranking of the poker hands. One must confirm which hand is higher than the other, and this should be done at the onset of the game.

The manner in which we grade the hand is given below from the top to the bottom, while the top is the best hand the worst is at the bottom.

When you have five cards of different suits but they are in order.
 For instance
10, J, Q, K, a
In case of a tie the poker player with the highest card wins the hand.

When a player has three cards of identical value.
For instance
3, 3, 3, 9, Q
In case of a tie the player with the bigger set of three cards would be the winner of the online poker game. (If one of the players has three fours and the other has three two’s then the player with three fours wins.)

Let us say you have five consecutive cards of the same color.
For instance
A, K Q, J, 10
If there is more than one royal flush then the kitty is shared between those players.

Let us say you have smaller cards and they are in sequence but it is not a royal straight flush.
For instance
8, 7, 6, 5, 4
In case of a tie, the player having the highest card in his hand will be considered the winner.

In case there are four out of five cards of the identical number
For instance
6, 6, 6, 6, J
(It really doesn’t matter what the fifth card is.)

In case of a tie the one with the higher number that is to say the one with four sixes would beat the one with four fives in the game of poker.

In this case if a player has two cards of one number and the other three cards are of another identical number.
For instance
2, 2, 2, J, J
Whichever player has three cards of a greater value will be the winner this hand of poker.

When a player has any five cards of the same suit.
For instance
3, 5, 8, Q, K
In case of a tie the player with the card of the highest value would be the winner. In poker if the biggest card of more than one player is the same then consider the value of the next biggest card. If that is also of the same value then check the next highest card and so on.