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        The 21st century has seen an enormous expansion in the popularity of poker. The two largest driving forces behind this are televised programs on tournament poker and poker websites on the internet that provide an alternative place to play the game. Let’s discuss internet poker.

        Live poker games provide a social setting and the opportunity to view your opponents. But internet poker, despite drawbacks, has many advantages over live play. Here are ten of them.

  1. You can enter or quit a game whenever you want.
  2. There is a far wider menu of games and tournaments to play in.
  3. The opponents are much less skillful, on the average, than those encountered in live play.
  4. Because the extra overhead for spreading each additional table I negligible, games for microscopic stakes are available, as well as games just for fun. This makes the internet a terrific training ground for new players.
  5. You can play in more than one game at the same time. This enables a good player to make more money, and also reduces the boredom of waiting for a decent hand.
  6. You can get a “hand history” printed of any pot of interest to you, which record everything that happened on that deal. It will be it instantly emailed to you, and you can preserve it in a file for future reference.
  7. You can have your statistics tracked for such things as how often you enter a pot and how often you win one.
  8. You can either play in a totally smoke-free environment or light up whenever you want.
  9. If you wish, you can play without anyone knowing who you are, your sex, age, citizenship, or anything else about you. 
  10. Internet poker is less expensive to play. The rake is usually lower, travel expenses are nil, refreshments are cheaper, and you do not have to tip.

       Some people shy away from internet poker because they are overly concerned about being cheated. The truth is a site where you gamble against other player rather than against the house has a strong incentive to be honest. An internet poker site is a lucrative business that does not want to be jeopardized by cheating.

            At internet poker there is no dealer to collude with a player. There is a chance of being cheated by players colluding with each other. This can happen in a regular cardroom game and this can happen in an internet cardroom game. But I believe the internet to be a safer environment in certain respects. First, there is a wide choice of games. Cheaters usually go to the place where they can make the most money. I do not think there is much hanky-panky in the lowstakes games. Second, the website has a complete record of every hand played by anyone on their site. This makes it much easier to detect collusion than in a regular cardroom. There is software that can search for suspicious behavior and flag it.

           Where should you play? There are a number of good sites. I am an affiliate of ParyPoker, presently the most popular poker website, giving you the widest choice of games. PartyPoker does a fine job attracting new players (yummy opponents) to its site.
            If you would like to ply poker on the PartyPoker website, you can help us both out by giving a referral to this book when you sign up. You will receive some bonus chips when you initially deposit funds, and I will get a bonus for referring you. Simply use the signup code Coach-PLNL when registering. (My nickname is “The Coach,” and PLNL will show you were sent to PartyPoker because you read my book, Pot-limit And No-limit Poker.) You have nothing to lose by using this code, and something to gain. The sister site for is Empire Poker, which uses the same platform. My bonus code for Empire Poker is CPLNL.

           I am now closely associated with a new site coming online in the fall of 2004 called “ChecknRaise Poker.” I have visited the parent corpotation’s headquarters in Canada several times (the company and server site is based in Curacao). I have contributed to their website content, and worked closely with their programmers in designing the graphical display for their interface. I expect the ChecknRaise Poker site to be the best poker website on the internet for screen design. Give it a try.


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