Odds and Implied Odds

  1. If the bettor is to your right and there are other players who might raise behind you, what must you do ?

Adjust the pot odds considerably lower.

  1. What does this mean ?

Fold more hands.

  1. Example ?

You hold A ♣8♣, and the flop is A♠Q♠9. If a solid player to your right bets, a number of players are behind you, and there has been no raise before the flop, you should fold.

  1. What if you are against a loose bettor ?

You should raise rather than fold.

  1. When else should you continue to online poker ?

Against a player who will only bet a draw.

  1. Another example ?

In the same situation, fold KJ if the flop is J♠T♠ 8♥.

  1. What are other exceptions to folding these hands ?

If the pot has become very large and /or the game is very loose.

  1. How does it affect the pot odds you are getting if you call on the flop and intend to also call on fourth street ?

They are not as good as they appear.

  1. When is it correct to call before the flop with a small pair ?

When you are getting as low as 5-to-1 odds and there is little fear of a raise behind you.

  1. What if you are against poker players who give a lot of action ?

You can make this call even if you are getting a bit less than 5-to-1.

  1. A second example ? ( being beat on the river. )

You can try for an inside straight on the flop when you have odds of only about 8-to-1.

  1. Why should you make a loose call every now and then, even if the odds don’t seem to justify it ?

Because you don’t want to become known as a ‘folder.”

  1. What happens if you are regarded as a folder ?

Others players will try to run over you, and otherwise predictable opponents may turn tricky and become difficult to play against.