Playing When Two
Suited Cards Flop

If a two flush flops, you need to adjust your play from those times when three different suits hit.

Basically, you should play your good poker hands more aggressively since there is a better chance that you will be called.

You certainly don’t want to give any free cards, especially against several opponents.

Also, virtually never slowplay.

If you slowpaly and a third suited card comes on the turn, even if this card does not beat you, it could give an opponent a draw that, if completed, would win

the pot.

If you hand is mediocre but normally worth a bet, it is usually correct to check.

The reason for this is that you might run into fancy raises or be outdrawn, even if you currently have the best hand.

However, you should bet on fourth poker street if the flush card does not come and you believe there is a good chance that your hand is still best.

Here’s an example.

You are in the blind and call a raise in a multiway pot with:The flop is:Since the pot is large, you should go for a check-raise to knock out hands like gut shots. (Note: Players with flush draws and open end straight draws will come anyway.)

This idea is especially true if the before the flop raiser was in a late position and you think that he will bet automatically

If however, the pot was small so that players with poor draws such as the gut-shot were getting incorrect odds, it might be right to lead on the flop and then try for a check-raising on fourth street.