playing poker

Tip 4 Raise or fold

This tip refers to those situations in which no one has yet called or raised when the action gets to you.
  Since tight-aggressive poker is winning poker, you should fold your inferior hands.  Don’t call trying to hit a lucky flop.  Not only is it tough to get a nice flop when you are holding rags (substandard cards), but if you initiate the action by calling, this is often seen as an invitation for other players to call behind you.  Now, you must play an inferior hand while out of position.  This is not a winning proposition.

When you do have a good hand, you should open the pot with a raise.  In addition to putting pressure on the players yet to act and the blinds, your raise allows you to take the lead in the pot.  Even if you miss the flop completely, a bet on the flop, coupled with the strength you demonstrated with your initial raise, may be enough to win the pot.

Generally, it is advisable to open the pot only if you feel your hand is likely to be the best.  This means that hands such as 8-7 suited, while playable in some cases, should not be played when you are first in.  this hand is not strong enough to merit a raise, and calling when first in is not in your repertoire.  If you are unsure of whether your hand is worthy of a raise, a good guideline for playing before the flop is that whenever you are in doubt, you should fold.  You will be dealt plenty of hands with which you can forge ahead aggressively.