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Bonny has enjoyed penning this book. For years he had dreamed of a truly practical how-to book on hold’em poker that would be simple to understand for beginners, yet refined enough to aid even the most advanced player.

It had been especially enjoyable, as almost the entire Card Player team had worked on it.

‘52 Tips for Texas Hold’em Poker’ had begun as a spreadsheet of helpful hints for his wife, ally. She had wanted precise how-to not just the regular ‘it depends.’ Everyday they had gone over the list to make things easier and improve it. Since the book had taken shape she had worked with him on every aspect.

His list, however, had been concise, rough, and truly a list of guidelines more suited for verbal lessons on poker. Mark Gregorich had worked closely with Bonny to recast the ideas into precisely 52 tips.

Then, Michael Wiesenberg had put the poker tips into plain, comprehensible, and proper English. He had also focused expansively on the development of a suitable vocabulary.

Christy Devine had prepared the cover photo and had coordinated the entire look of the front and back cover. The Card Player creative department had ably assisted her, this had included Jeremy Andrews, b J Nemeth, and Brittney Burns, who all had worked hard on the design and layout of the entire book on poker.

Their executive staff, which had been headed by Dominik Karelys and Johnnie Walker, had actively created the business of Card Player Press and had actually got the book published.

Eventually, bonny wanted to acknowledge and thank his son Jack, who was not only his regular sounding board, but had supervised everything at Card Player, which included this project on poker.


How to Play Hold’em

Three Universal Hold’em Concepts
Tip: 1-3

Playing Before the Flop
Tip: 4-16

Playing on the Flop
Tip: 17-27

Playing on the Turn
Tip: 28-37

Playing on the River
Tip: 38-45

More Hold’em Concepts You Should Know
Tip: 46-52

Poker Odds Chart

Poker Dictionary

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