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Terms You Need to Know (Glossary)

Backdoor - When a online poker player makes a hand he originally wasn’t drawing to, i.e. you have A ♦ Q♦ with a T♠ 8♦ 5♦ on the flop to make a four-flush.  The turn and river cards are K ♣ and J ♥ and you make the straight instead of the flush.

Backraise - A reraise from a player who originally called, but when it was raised after he called, he decided to reraise.

Bad Beat - To be beat, especially when you flopped a great hand, by a player who made a longshot draw.

Bicycle - A 5-high straight: 5♠ 4♥ 3♥ 2♦ A♣ .

Big Blind - The biggest of two blinds in a hold’em game; a mandatory bet posted by the player two places to the dealer’s left.

Blank - A card that is obviously of no help to a poker hand.

Board - The cards that are turned face up in Hold’em and belong to everybody; also called community cards.

Burn or Burn Card - In community card games, the top card in the deck does not come into play after everyone is dealt their pocket cards.  The top card is mucked by the dealer before turning the flop, turn and river cards.  This is to protect everyone in the event the top card is marked or somehow known to one player while the action is in progress and everyone is waiting for that card.

Button - In casino games, a round, plastic disc with the world “Dealer” printed on each side. It moves with each new game to indicate who holds the dealer’s position.

Cards Speak - All casino hold’em poker guide games are played cards speak.  Your poker hand is what it is regardless of how you call it or if you miscall it.  If you turn your hand face up the dealer will call the hands and award the pot to the player who actually has the best hand.

Case Card - The last card of a particular rank that has not been seen or is otherwise believed to still be in the deck.

Cold Call - To call two or more bets at once as opposed to calling one bet and then calling another in the same round.

Community Cards – See Board

Double Belly Buster- A straight draw in Texas Hold’em where you have eight outs without having an open-end straight.  For example, you hold 8♦ 6♦ and the board is T♥ 7♠ 4♦ 3♠ with one card to come.  A five or nine will complete your straight, yet your straight draw is not open-ended.

Drawing Dead - Attempting to make a particular practical poker hand that, even if you make, is already beaten or cannot possibly win.

End – See River

Early Position -  To be in the first third of the players in a Hold’em game to have to act on their hands.

Flop - The first three community cards placed face up by the dealer.

Flop A Set - To have a pair in the pocket and to flop one of them to make three of a kind of a kind; also called trips.

Flush Card - A card of the suit that you need to complete a flush or to pick up a flush draw.

Flush Draw - To have four cards to a flush with one or more cards to come.

Gutshot - A straight draw where only one exact rank of card will make the straight, as opposed to an open-end straight draw or a double belly buster where one of two different ranks of cards can complete your straight draw.

Kicker - The unmatched card that completes your 5-card hand when you make a pair or better.  For example, you hold A♥ J♠ and the board is J♥ 8♦ 8♣ 6♠ 3♥.  Your hand is two pair; Jacks and 8’s with an Ace kicker.

Late Position - To be one of the last third of the players in the game to have to act on your hand.

Little Blind - The smaller of the two blinds in Hold’em, posted by the first player to the dealer’s left before the cards are dealt.

Middle Position - To be in the middle third of the poker players in the game to have to act an on your hand; to have approximately an equal numbers of player before and after you in the play of the hand.

Muck - To muck your hand is to fold and throw you hand into the discard pile.  The discard pile is also called the muck.

Nuts - The best possible hand in the game.

On the Button- In Hold’em, to be in the dealer’s position and therefore last to act throughout the play of the hand.

Outs - The number of cards that will help your hand.  For example if you have two hearts in your hand and get two more hearts on the flop, then there are nine hearts, or nine outs that will help your hand.

Overcall - To call a bet after another player has also called the bet, especially on the last round of betting.

Overcard -A card that comes on the flop that is higher than either of your pocket cards.

Pocket - The first two cards that you are dealt that no one else sees.

River - The fifth, and last, community card in Hold’em; also called the end.

Rock - A Poker player who has a reputation for playing only premium starting hands, and whose playing style is very conservative and low risk.

Rush. -A winning streak.

Set - Three of a kind that’s made up of a pair in your hand and one on the board.

Slowplay - To play your hand in a much weaker manner than the strength of the hand would normally call for in order to disguise your strength.

Straight Draw - To have four cards to a straight with one or more cards to come.

Tell - A clue that helps you figure out what poker hand an opponent has.

Turn - The fourth community card in Hold’em Strategies.