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This book is everything that I wish someone had told me when I was first learning to play poker Texas Hold’em I will tell you how to play every hand, how to figure out whether to check, bet, raise, check-raise, fold and how to handle any common situation that you’ll face in this game.  You’ll understand the science of tells and the odds and mathematics involved in this game.

This book was written by a player for a player.  One thing I am not is a world champion poker player.  What I am is a successful low limit Hold’em player who has the ability to teach you what you need to know to win at texas holdem poker.  And hopefully, I can do it in an entertaining and easily readable manner.
  This book is filled with many example and illustrations of how to play poker specific hands in specific situations.  I will give you practical advice about how to play every Hold’em hand that you’ll play for the rest of your poker playing life.  This book is a practical, hand-on guide to low limit Texas Hold’em that will help you, the average low limit player.  You’ll see plenty of useful, practical advice on how to play Texas Hold’em that you can’t find collectively in any other poker book, or books, in the world online casino review.

  The way I see it, there are only a handful of high stakes, world champion caliber poker players in the world.  This book is meant for the other one hundred and fifty million poker players who also want to be winners.