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Poker and Emotion


Poker Game is played in minds. Chips and cards are considered second. Understanding and taking relevant decision, getting inside your rivals' heads, analyzing immediate meaning from a web of ranks and suits and correlating it to human nature all these things are students of the game should study the features of card play and the rules of poker in poker terms.

Certainly, as one sits in a game one takes on these activities the "inside the mind" and can easily determine one's success or failure. As I am interested in these thoughtful procedures and also enjoy it, I have tried to make them a centre of attraction of this book. They are basic concept of "strategic thinking" essays, and come in a different way in rest of the text. I have made an effort to take the reader inside the mind of the player as he surveys the game and deal with the play of hands.

I have also taken into account the other factors within the "poker mind" - the effect of emotion on play poker. I have depicted my background in psychological way to try to bring a new level of insight and explanation to the topic. You do not have to be a helpless victim of a tendency to a "tilt." I have mentioned some ideas to solve such problems. I also indicate though, that tilt is a more complicated fact than it may look like, and that no self-help strategy will remove it for everyone.

In other text I just invite the reader to know what is in my mind as I scrutinize the concepts that have been neglected or under emphasized in the poker terms. I include some items because it should educate, depict illusions which deceive players, or in one or two instances fairly because it should give some interest in reading them.

The main purpose to make this text available to all the readers is to contribute to the expansion of the poker game. This is especially not noble on my part. I would also like to have more games to choose from as for the average and higher limit players.

I think that the outstanding growth of poker in few years should be credited to the significant books which have given guidance to the players hoping to learn the game perfectly. A number of Two Plus Two books have guided the way. In the same way, I hope that the text will help to create new players whereas promotes existing established players to do the thinking needful so as to move up the limits.

Although this introduction has been written in 2000, few materials have already been the subject of much dispute. Some essays, already in Poker Digest, have been examined and discussed strongly on the internet. It satisfies me. It indicates me that my ideas and concept brings about thought and reaction. As mentioned above, one of the main aims in writing this text was to do just that.

I am happy but not astonished that the text has stood up better to scrupulous questioning. Many ideas and thought was put into the essays that follow, drawing on what I know from years of winning poker online and incalculable days and hours of study of this complicated poker game. I now take you to the further discussion of the text.

Strategic Thinking in Holdem

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