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Fifth-Street Strategy

Playing Pair

In 7-card stud fifth-street, if you have two pair, it is essential to continue the requirements for overpairs and live cards. Most of the players will continue with two smaller pair against their rival's one top pair if they now have added a live overcard to their hands. We haven't added that much strength to a hand that we have to play fast, betting and raising as much as you try to eliminate rivals.

The determining factor is that at fifth-street, you can bet double in a structured game, and you have the best chance of running off that player who holds one top pair.

Once again, knowledge is very important in determining your rival in regards to whether he will bet, raise or call. Accordingly you should play your hand aggressively or fold when it is the correct time to fold. You want to be either the bettor or the raiser not a caller with your two pair on fifth-street – just on fifth-street.

Two Pairs

On fifth-street, if you haven't improved with your one big pair whether you continue playing is determined by the same factors that were considered on fourth street: overcards and live cards. Many players fold automatically at fifth-street which is wrong. Think and then act accordingly. You can consider staying if there are no more than two players remaining to compete for the pot. But with three or more players, the chance of your big pair holding up reduces.

If it seems that your rival has made two pair while you still have only one big pair, you can keep playing if your pair is higher than his biggest pair and your cards are live

Suppose you started with a pair of kings and your third-street raise was by called by a pair of nines. Now on fifth-street, the queens have added a pair of nines. As your kings are greater than either of his two-pair play only if your cards are live. But if the queens have a pair of aces to go with them, you are done, live cards or not, because one of his pairs is bigger than your pair.

There are cases where you chase and there are cases where you run. The basic decisive factors are overpairs, overcards and live cards.

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