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Fifth street drawing hands


Medium and Small Pairs

If you are playing medium or small pairs and have made no improvement then you should play your hand very cautiously. Automatically folding is not correct. You can play but you will need other values with your live pair.

If you think that your rival is on a big pair which would have to be higher than yours you must have a couple of live overcard to his pair to call a bet

If there is a raise from any player, you are done with it. You see the experts at the higher limits with these cards, but if you try it at the lower limits, the only jamming you will keep doing is your hand into your pocket to get more money.

If your hand with the live medium pair has three suited cards that are live, be ready to call for the half-bet on fourth street.

If your pair has improved to trips or a high two-pair, refer to chapter eighteen and twenty.

A word of caution: A low pair should be played carefully. Fives and threes is just not much of a poker hand which can be played unless you can determine that it is the best hand at the point. Try to win the hand or throw away your hand if you cannot improve.

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