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Fifth street drawing hands

Play when you have a positive expectation. Fold when you don't have positive expectation

Let's see another side of making a four-straight on fourth street. You should think, “Are my cards still live?” The “rule of two points” is to be considered.

Your next thought should be whether your rivals have caught something scary-looking such as big open pair which could be trips or two big pairs. You don't want to make your straight and then run into a full house. It is difficult to work your way through an intricacy of strategy, remembering a board full of your rivals' exposed and turned-over cards, only to have your stack of chips placed after the showdown. And you can sure that does happen.

Be careful or your rivals will pay you off

If there are no dangers you will continue playing to the river or until something dangerous does show up. Tend to call with your four-straight unless you are in late position with some lively cards showing.

If you think you can either steal the pot now, or set up a steal on the next card, put in a raise. That would be a semi-bluff, which is betting or raising with what you think is not the best hand, but there are more cards coming that can make your hand. A total bluff is when there are no more cards coming and you can only win if you bet and your rivals fold.

Knowledge is very helpful in knowing who you can steal from – and who you can't

Knowledge plays a very important role in knowing your rivals. To reiterate there is no substitute for knowledge.

The object of your tendency to just call when you only value is a drawing hand is to keep players in so that you will be getting the correct pot odds to draw to the hand.

If you started on third-street with overcards only, you will want to have paired one of them before calling any fourth street bets. If you pair, refer to chapter nineteen.

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