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Playing for living!

Most of the players ask the question, “Can we make a living playing low to medium limit poker?” The answer is a specific, “Maybe.” There are many people who are doing it. But you will ask can we do it? The answer is same, maybe.

Many medium and low-limit professional poker players say that it is a difficult way to make an easy living.

We shall talk about making a living at low to medium limit poker and what should you perceive before giving it a shot. By these limits, we mean limits of $10-$20 or below. A single person without a lot of expenses can make a living. A retired person can take away his pension and do well. But someone with a family or with the burden of a mortgage had better be an exceptionally good player with good discipline.

If others are doing it, you can do it. But how do they do it? They are very good players who really know the game. They study more and more. As a professional poker or stud player you will have to pick your spots. You are looking for the games where people are just having a good time. They look like that can afford to lose some money.

Sit with such kind of games where people enjoy losing their money to you .

People like enjoying losing their money to you because they like you. How do you make them like it? You sit in the game and create a friendly environment with everyone. You get them feeling good. And when you win a huge pot, no one gets frustrated or irritated. They smile and you smile along with them. And when inadvertently they beat you out of a pot with a miracle draw, you smile at them and they smile too.

It is very essential to do this because it makes people want to play with you. They won't mind losing their money to such a good person. Just try to being stern with them; let them get the idea that you are a poker hustler and see how long they stay in your game.

Playing in a game as long as it is a good game and then moving on. Find those action games. It takes time and effort. The bottom line is that most of your rivals will be playing free and easy, not worried about money. But you will be playing for your living. You are renouncing a psychological edge. This means that you need a powerful discipline. You cannot be sporty about your play. You should play your best game every session – every minute.

This is not a profession for you. But if you think of doing it then forget about the ease and comfort.

Enthusiasm, commitment, discipline : In the way of poker, you will need poker skills. You have to be enthusiast, disciplined and committed to the poker games you are about to play. However, do you have an adequate bankroll for the game you intend to play? You should have a rock-bottom minimum of 300 times the upper betting limit of your game as a playing bankroll. 400 times would be better. And you want to stress again that these are rock-bottom minimums.

Once acquire your bankroll think it as money to be used exclusively for playing poker

If you find yourself having to remove living expenses from your bankroll you are living too close to the border. (Refer to the fuel of winning Poker.)

You have to keep in mind that the competition would be very tougher than you anticipate. It almost always is. You can gradually start off. If you have to start living out of your bankroll, you will find yourself under pressure. You will be playing with the rent money. That has been the distress of many professional players.

If you haven't seriously thought your living expense then you should do it now. You can calculate them by adding up your monthly expenses. The second thing is to total the expenses you play on a quarterly, semi-annual and annual basis. Divide it by twelve to know what is required each month. Add these two numbers together and there's the monthly nut you should overcome with your poker winnings.

Even some of the potential pros see reality setting in and relinquish the whole idea. But if you are strong-minded to take your shot or if you want more to consider, we shall check out some questions.

After becoming a successful poker pro, which of your expenses will increase? Which will decrease or be removed? Your determination to the poker room could be longer or shorter than the determination to your present job. Your exotic style of requirements would change differently.

Does present winning indicate to play as a full time or as a part time?

First of all, you should be completely honest with yourself.

Why are you thinking about making this move? Can you really do better? Or do you just like the idea of being professional poker player? Have you set reasonable win goals toward which you are inclined to work?

Are you ready for the fact that your income might take some radical ups and downs? You might win $3000 one month and only $300 the next month. Or it is possible that you might lose next month.

How close do you now live to public poker rooms? Can you rely on the Las Vegas poker games or some other area with plenty of public poker? This would be an additional expense. And keep in mind that where there are public poker rooms, you will find people who have been playing daily, so you will encounter a higher level of oppositions.

Do you have the discipline to maintain a schedule? You will select your own time and also your own motivation which will keep you moving toward your own goal.

You should be confident when you play your game. Can you really do it? Or you are just willingly thinking? Think about it. And then think some more before you decide. There is a useful tip: If this turns out to be a big decision for you to make, then you aren't ready to turn pro. You are obviously not comfortable with making that move, for any number of reasons. The reasons don't matter; your comfort matters much. When you make the decision comfortably then you should be ready for it.

Remember it doesn't matter how good you can play, what matters is how good you do play. A player, who holds his discipline and deliberately works on eliminating mistakes, will be the consistent winner. Solid poker gets the money at the low and medium limits.

Again, read all the chapters once more. Stress out to those chapters which you find more difficult. Besides reading you have to do lot of thinking work. Experience and skill are very essential to play poker game.

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