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Remembering revealed cards

Most of the people think about remembering the cards that have been exposed. It looks like a big job remembering all of those cards laid out there. But actually, that's not necessary.

Let's assume that four people fold on third-street of 7-card-stud and still four are remaining to play. You also play. You won't need to remember your exposed card because there it is, in front of you. That leaves three other players in the hand. And you won't have to remember their cards either, because they are laying right out there in front of them.

We can see that the problem is smaller than it seems to poker players. On third-street, we have to remember only the four cards that have been folded. Try to put to remember when they fold. Let's assume that they are folded in this sequence: nine, jack, seven, four. Rearrange them as four, seven, nine, jack. You will remember it more easily.

It will be an infrequent that you will have to, or be able to see and account for all thirteen of a suit. Jot down if you have more than three of a suit. That will be unlikely that a rival is drawing to a flush in that suit. However, if you see one or two of a suit, consider that suit to be live.

On the fourth street of poker, suppose that two other players fold, two cards each. Keep this mind in sequence as they fold. Now a total of eight cards have been shown and folded. And that is all you have to remember. There are two players still left in the hand, you and one rival and all upcards will now stay on the table until either one of you folds or until there is a showdown.

With different number of players folding at different streets, these numbers will change. But for most part, you will be required to remember only nine or ten cards at the most. And that's lot easier than trying to remember every card shown during the entire hand.

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