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Mental Preparation

Preparation is first and the rest others

What do you do, as a poker player, in preparation for playing? You have acquired all the knowledge and skill of the poker game. What about the playing preparation before each individual session? If you are like most poker players, you walk into the card room, put your seat and start drawing cards without mental stability.

A cricketer would do more of physical warming exercise whenever they work out or when they play. There are some who also do mental warm up.

Mental preparation is referred during the period of time immediately prior to playing. But if you sit down in a game without mentally prepared, you are giving a way to other player to win who is ready.

This does not mean that you can't win poker games or any poker tournaments without doing mental preparation. That's just not so. However, it is recommended that you should be mentally prepared before playing the game.

There are as many ways of preparing to play as there are players who prepare

We know that there are several players who will learn winning poker rules. This gets the mind adjusted to poker. While they are driving to the card room, they will think about various poker plays, to keep the mind on poker. Whey they arrive at the game, they are mentally ready.

There are also players who put on stereo headphones and listens to soft music while talking to others about what a solid skillful player he is.

This is not a substitute for skill, knowledge and strategy – but it can be a valuable addition to win the game

Some players pray 5-10 minutes before playing – not for a winning session, but to play his best and accept whatever the result may be.

Some players use hypnosis having a professional hypnotist to give them posthypnotic suggestions about their poker playing.

If you are playing just to be playing, we would be willing to place a small wager that you are not a consistent winner. We would suggest using some of your time getting into a winning frame of mind.

To be mentally prepared you need time

Playing time for many people is immediately after work. Whatever your situations, we recommend you to take at least ten minutes to be alone. Utilize your time by relaxing and also by closing your eyes. Think about your game. Then free your mind of all thoughts. It will be a good break for you, and will go a long way towards complete mind set.

If you are not mentally prepared, you should avoid this:

•  Don't play if you are ill i.e. lack of sleep, drugs.

•  Don't play if you are emotionally upset. Resolve your emotional issues and then come to the poker table.

•  Don't play if you feel pessimistic about the result. It might prove to be correct.

•  Don't play if you are not physically fit.

•  Don't play if there is something else you would rather be or should be doing. Go and do what must be done. Then play.

It is said correctly, “If we don't have time to prepare mentally, we don't have time to play.”

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