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How Much – lose or win?

Many poker players often ask how much they should lose before quitting a given game and how much to win. There are no particular amounts but still we have some ideas to share.

As for how much to lose – poker authorities used to give percentages and amounts and formulas to set limits on your losses an gain for particular poker games. We have even made it simpler.

Quit when you are being hurt

The amount is fully subjective. For one player it might “hurt” $20. For another player it might be $20000. The figure is not important. What is important is the effect it has on you and your playing ability.

If you are hurting, either emotionally or financially, you won't be playing your best game and you will most likely to lose further in any poker room.

Consider too that when you are losing it is possible that your game is off somewhere. Perhaps you took a bad beat and it has affected your play without your even realizing it. You might have become a bit less aggressive after losing one or two hands, so you don't make the raise where you generally would. Perhaps you are just being outplayed. Or perhaps your game is right on, but your cards aren't coming good.

If you are losing, something is wrong somewhere. Unless you can discover what that something is, we think you will be better off getting up and engrossing the loss.

As for how much to win, no more formulas here either – no limits. If you are winning and are favored to keep winning, keep playing.

Professional players don't allow their winning or losing be the deciding factor in whether they play or leave

Instead they make their judgment on the basis of whether the game is potentially a particular poker game is good money maker or a dull.

So it seems that the only reason for quitting the good game other than discovering that you are not up to playing your best is one of the personal considerations. You may be tired or hungry or have a commitment anywhere else.

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